More Translations…More Practice

Throughout my time with IACC Texas I have done so many translations that I have lost count of how many in total I have done this summer. It was a variety of documents, some of them where pretty easy to make and others were very difficult. Some would take me 30 minutes, while other will take me two days of work.

I still remember my first translation, I was very nervous when doing it. Obviously, everyone was telling me to try my best and if I didn’t know something to just skip it and they would help me. But I was the one pushing myself to not only try, but to do my very best. I liked the challenge that I was getting, not only was it one of my jobs as an intern, but I knew that I was going to prepare me for the future. I knew that it will help me throughout my experience abroad, since I I will be writing and reading much more in Italian, therefore I needed all the practice I could get.

No lie, at first it was a struggle, I was mixing up some words and I would think it was too hard to do, but eventually I got the hang of it. I was doing Birth Certificates, Marriage Licenses/Certificates in less time and I was able to take my time with other documents such as financial statements, divorce papers and resumes without being too frustrated since I had much practice with the language.

Translating from English to Italian or from Italian to English, isn’t easy but with practice it was possible.


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