About Us

The Landis House Collective consists of five centers that offer:

  • Community
  • Engagement
  • Activism
  • Resources
  • Support

Center for Service, Spirituality and Social Justice: CSSS seeks not only to expose students to the opportunities for service and experiencing differences in faith but also to encourage students to understand what it means to challenge injustice, support human rights and work to bring about a just society. Contact: hughesdo@dickinson.edu

Office of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Questioning (LGBTQ) Services: The LGBTQ Office works to create a welcoming, safe, inclusive, and equitable environment for LGBTQQIAA+ members of the Dickinson community. Contact: LGBTQ@dickinson.edu

Popel Shaw Center for Race & Ethnicity: The Popel Shaw Center for Race & Ethnicity (PSC) is a resource center open to the entire Dickinson community and charged with advancing Dickinson’s commitment to broadening the understanding of—and building—a pluralistic society that promotes equality and integrity on the campus, in the community, and the world. Contact: psc@dickinson.edu

Prevention, Education, and Advocacy Center: PEAC promotes the compassionate, culturally competent, and just treatment of student survivors, their friends, and significant others. Contact: PEAC@dickinson.edu

Women’s and Gender Resource Center: The WGRC promotes and fosters gender education and gender equity by providing resources, sponsoring events, and encouraging conversation and dialogue. Contact: wgrc@dickinson.edu