The Outing Club was recently featured in the Dickinson Today as well as on the homepage of the Dickinson website. Check out the article here featuring fall pause trip photos!


Dickinson College Outing Club

The Dickinson College Outing Club aims to foster a respect and love of nature within the student body, the faculty, and the staff through providing the leadership and resources needed to explore the outdoors.  The club holds weekly meetings and leads a trip about once a week.  Trips include day hikes, backpacking trips, top roping and bouldering rock climbing adventures, kayaking excursions, and camping trips.

Parents weekend hike

Parents Weekend Hike, Pole Steeple

DCOC Crushfest: Friendly rock climbing competition

Crushfest Rock Climbing Competition at the Dickinson College Rock Wall

Connect with us:
Email:  outingclub at dickinson.edu