4/5 Bike Ride

Have you wanted to learn how to ride a bike, but have never had the time or a teacher? Here is your opportunity!

Saturday, April 5, Tyce Herrman (Dickinson College Center for Sustainability Education) is partnering with DCOC to provide bike training for people who want to learn to bike especially in preparation for the bike to farm potluck.  Tyce has years of cycling and cycling education experience, including a cross-country cycling trip in 2012.

Please meet outside DPS at 2pm for the trip.

A bike is not necessary for this trip, but if you have your own, you should bring it. You can borrow a Red Bike from DPS if you do not have your own (Tyce will help you take care of this on Saturday).  The training will last a maximum of 1 hour, but participants are encouraged to stay longer as their time and abilities allow.  Max capacity of 10 individuals.

Please email herrmant@dickinson.edu or outingclub@dickinson.edu with questions.

When you sign up, please include your name, phone number and if you will need a bike.

11 thoughts on “4/5 Bike Ride

    • Hello, I recently remembered that I have to attend a mandatory retreat for my scholarship this upcoming weekend. I am not going to be able to make it to the class this Saturday. I am sorry about that.



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