Fall 2017

Jared Markovsky ’18
My name is Jared Markovsky. I’m a senior International Studies major from Portsmouth, NH. I’m an avid climber, hiker, snowboarder, trail runner, and photographer. I grew up exploring the White Mountains of NH and have been lucky enough to hike all around the world. Through the Outing Club I’ve been able to continue all the outdoor activities I love here on campus. In the club I’ve held the positions of junior officer, trips manager, and now I’m on my second semester as president. I’ve loved my time with the club and all the new experience’s it’s afforded me.

CC Officer Photo



Caroline ‘CC’ Clapp ’19
My name is Caroline Clapp but everyone calls me CC! I’ve lived in southern Maine my entire life and I am a junior Psychology major here at Dickinson and absolutely love it. I also love the outdoors. Growing up in Maine, I was surrounded by mountains and lakes and the outdoors and have been in nature all my life. Another big contributor to my love of the outdoors has been summer camp, I’ve gone ever since I was 9. We lived in rustic cabins with no electricity and weren’t allowed any cell phones or technology. This will be my third semester on the Outing Club executive board but my first as the secretary. I also love singing and playing guitar, and my favorite food is tortellini with pesto. Isy Officer Photo


Isabel ‘Isy’ Gourley ’19
Junior Officer

Hey I’m Isy Gourley! I’m a junior officer for the Outing Club this semester, and live in the Outing House. I’m a junior with a math major and a french minor, and I will hopefully be studying abroad in Toulouse, France during the spring semester. Rock climbing is one of my biggest passions in life. I’ve been climbing for almost 13 years, and last year started the Dickinson Climbing Team! One of my goals is to get more people introduced to the sport, but also to just get more people outside to enjoy and appreciate nature!

Theodor ‘Theo’ Borchert-Isaacs ’19
Vice President
I am Theodor Borchert-Isaacs a junior and I am leaning towards East Asian studies major. As a child I hiked and biked a lot with my family. In recent years I have gottenTheo Officer Photo into climbing. Climbing has become my favorite activity. I love trying new things. Just last Semester on an outdoors club spring break trip I learned how to snowboard. Be warned I love puns, so any trip you take with me will be filled with puns!






Mikey Kmetz ’19
Mikey Officer PhotoHi! My name’s Mikey Kmetz. I’m from Holmdel, New Jersey (but San Fransisco originally). I’m a junior Physics major with a minor in Astronomy, focusing on Planetary Science. I’m an Eagle Scout so I’ve done my fair share of camping and hiking, but I really love climbing, snowboarding, and backpacking. I work at the rock wall on campus, and a climbing gym back home. I really love music, roadtrips, and looking at the stars in my hammock. (not to mention long walks on the beach)


Greg Hoffer ’20

Junior Officer 

I’m from Maplewood, NJ. I love camping, swimming Mountain Biking, skiing, doing new stuff and always cooling. Environmental Studies major with interest in plants and animals. Fall is my favorite season.

Pema Tashi

Junior Officer 

Hi! My name is Pema Tashi. I am a sophomore from Hanover, New Hampshire. Since the start of my freshman year at Dickinson I have been able to explore different parts of the Cumberland Valley through the outing club and eventually applied for the junior officer position in order to lead my own trips. Last fall pause I was able to do some outdoor climbing in the Red River Gorge National Park Reserve, and this past spring I led a kayaking and camping trip down to Florida and back. I am an American Studies major, Chinese minor and live in the Out House. Some of my favorite outdoor activities are hiking, kayaking, skiing and sailing.