Day to Day Life

One of the biggest changes to my day to day life, and that of any summer intern for that matter, is my general schedule. Starting my internship about two weeks after classes ended definitely resulted in a dramatic shift in my schedule. Instead of spending only a few hours a day either in class or doing intermittent reading, writing, or studying, a day to day job is obviously significantly more structured. I currently work from 9:30 AM to 6 PM, which requires a different set of focusing skills than the much shorter, sporadic college class and class work schedule does. However, one of the biggest perks of having that structured schedule around me is the idea that once I leave work, I’m done with all of it for the day. I’ve accidentally left work documents open on my laptop over the weekend, which my supervisor noticed on a Saturday and emailed me telling me to stop working, as it was not expected of me and in fact discouraged. In response, I told her that I was not working on the document and that I had only left it open for convenience sake come Monday morning. To further add to this encouragement of separating work and personal life, our Executive Director encouraged his staff, myself included, to take time off this summer, noting its importance towards having productive, happy employees. 

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