Networking in D.C.

Something that I’ve taken increasingly seriously this Summer as a Development Intern at The Fairness Project has been exploring the field of fundraising as a potential career, as well as expanding my network. I started by talking to my organization’s Development Coordinator and Development Director, learning how they got involved in the political non-profit fundraising world, and receiving advice from them on the topics of what they look for when they and other development professionals are hiring candidates. From there, I had an informational interview with our office’s Research Director, in which we discussed the field of political non-profit research. Recently, I’ve expanded my Dickinson network by attending the D.C. Career Conversation networking event in the past month. Through connections I made at the event, I’ve had coffee/informational interviews with alumni who live and work in Washington D.C., which have been incredibly helpful for me to understand the paths that Dickinson alumni take upon graduation and beyond.

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