Communicate, Communicate, Communicate!

The most important skill, in my opinion, to have at an organization like The Fairness Project is communication. Being able to communicate to your supervisors, fellow interns, and other staff members allows you to work more efficiently and ensures that everyone that you work with is in the loop with what you’re working on. An essential element to our organization is that we communicate and coordinate campaigns with organizations outside of our office, which are typically run in the states where the campaigns occur. This means that being able to effectively communicate what you need to know from someone you’re emailing or calling helps everyone get the most amount of work done in a given day. In the campaign world, being able to save someone’s time allows them to work on getting their candidate or issue more likely to succeed come election day.

Part of communicating isn’t simply just telling people what you’ve been up to during the course of a workday, but also asking questions when you have questions to ask. My supervisors at multiple internships and jobs have stressed this point to me, which is that they’d rather you ask a question about something than have you not ask a quick question and have you misunderstand the whole task and have to do it over again.

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