Finishing your internship – last impressions

It’s important that whatever you do on the last day of working as an intern, that you leave on a good note. You can do this by continuing to work hard throughout the day. Not only will this type of effort be impressive to your supervisor, but it could be something that they remember about you when future employers call on them as a reference. My last task of my internship was putting materials in folders for our Executive Director, for meetings he would have with political leaders and potential donors. To say the least, these packets had to look good so that the people that the Executive Director would meet with would have a positive impression of the work our organization does. On my last day, it was actually the day that I was at the work for the latest, since there were quite a lot of these packets to make and I was assigned to make them very late in the working day. I was focused on doing a good job on these packets, and in hindsight, I’m very glad that I put a lot of effort into them. Finish strong!

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