Brett PearsonAbout Brett

Brett Pearson graduated with B.A. in Physics from Grinnell College.  He then went to the University of Michigan, where he received a Ph.D. in Physics with the research group of Phil Bucksbaum.  He spent two years as a postdoc in Tom Weinacht’s group at Stony Brook University and has been teaching at Dickinson College since 2007.

Undergraduate Researchers

A number of students have worked in the lab, either over the summer or as a senior research project.  Alumni include Michael Murphy (’08), Zack Carson (’10), Matthew Murray (’11), Michael Ryan (’12), Josh Margolis (’13), Yike Li (’14), Katherine Roy (’15), Sahil Nayyar (’16), Kyle Liss (’16), Ruthie Strauss (’18), Natalie Ferris (’18), and Hongyi Li (’19).


Prof. Thomas Weinacht, Stony Brook University

We collaborate with Prof. Weinacht’s research group on the 2D pulse shaping and enzyme binding experiments.  Prof. Weinacht’s laboratory has a high-power amplified ultrafast laser system that serves as a nice complement to the low-power oscillator system in the optics lab at Dickinson College.

Prof. David Jackson,  Dickinson College

David and Brett developed the single photon experiments together and have co-advised students doing their senior projects in the quantum optics lab.