Promoting a healthy lifestyle at work

During my first week of internship, I had such an informative conversation with the CEO of the company about not only AhaMove itself but also several interesting facts beyond its foundation. He explained that he decided to locate the office right next to Hoang Cau lake because of his desire to encourage the employees to sustain a balance between time allocated for work and other aspects of life. That being said, a busy schedule should not be an excuse for ignoring their health condition.

Because office workers, including the young ones, tend to be lazy and thus adopt unhealthy habits, the CEO of AhaMove wants to become a pioneer in improving employee wellbeing and spreading a positive energy around the company. Given that the company office is near the lake, they could either take a break from work by contemplating the lake view from the office windows or going for a walk to relax, de-stress or even work out in their free time. Aware of the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle, he also organizes different sports competitions during our company trip to promote team-building as well as physical exercising. As a healthy lifestyle in a busy office environment not only energizes each individual but also strengthens the company as a whole, these activities would help in developing physical, mental and intellectual health of the workers and motivating productivity, discipline and concentration in the workplace.

Indeed, I found my own ideology of a work-life balance is on the same page with his. Since my job involves sitting at the desk for several hours, I try to reduce its damages to my body by maintaining daily workout as a must-have in my morning routine. Before going to work, I always go to the gym and have a good sweat to get myself ready for a new day. Besides, instead of using elevators, I prefer stairs as they helps me stay active with a sedentary job and burn some extra calories at the same time. Therefore, these exercises not only keeps me in shape but also boosts my energy and leverages my productivity throughout the day. Inspired by the CEO and other colleagues, I have learned many ways of managing to handle work efficiently and live a healthy lifestyle. Thanks to the internship grant awarded, I have a precious opportunity to gain more insights in my future career path and fully engage in such a fast-paced start-up environment that prioritizes the quality of both work and life.

The lake view from our office
The lake view from our office

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