Monthly Report

“Monthly Report” is probably the phrase that I used most frequently last month. In the first month of my internship, my mentor and I worked closely with the Business Development (BD) team that is in charge of customer service. Founded in 2015 with the mission of addressing inefficiency in the logistics sector and reducing the cost for consumers, AhaMove serves as a platform that connects drivers and customers to facilitate the delivery of goods within in a short time at a reasonable price. Therefore, the BD team plays an important role in simplifying different processes for consumers to easily track their orders and benefit from quality service. Collaborating with the BD team, we aimed to help them identify problems and find effective business strategies for ongoing projects. My job responsibilities involved assisting my mentor to evaluate the efficiency of these projects by creating adhoc reports to track KPIs and visualizing manipulated data for further analysis. Having limited exposure to data analytics, I was a little behind in determining solutions for requested tasks and optimizing my codes. As a result, aside from assigned tasks, I have self-studied R and SQL in my free time using online courses to practice technical skills as well as accumulate hands-on experiences in data analytics. Although I have obtained basic skills in data analytics from different class projects, I have not had a chance to work with large datasets to solve real-world problems. Because R and SQL are widely used to manage, extract and analyze data, a strong background in these programming languages will give me a competitive edge in my future career. Hence, working at AhaMove gives me endless opportunities not only to apply my learning at Dickinson to real challenges but also to expose me to the nature of data analytics. With these promising opportunities, I look forward to further enriching my professional experiences as well as strengthening my skills and knowledge in this field in the remaining weeks of my internship at AhaMove.

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