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Time flies. I just never thought it would be that fast. This week marks the end of my 3-month internship at AhaMove where I have grown so much both professionally and personally.

This internship enables me to improve my technical knowledge and skills in data analytics. As a data analysis intern, I could access to all databases of AhaMove without limitation, understand about data structure and play around with many datasets. From writing ad-hoc queries to creating more complicated report and analysis, I was able to apply my learning at Dickinson such as statistical background from math courses in building models and business mindset through economics courses in approaching problems, which was one of learning objectives for this internship. Working on some big projects along with other colleagues in my team, not only did I learn a lot about different programming languages such as SQL, R and Python, but I also obtained more insights of data and its development trend in Vietnam.

Along with the promising potentials, this internship gives me an exposure to the challenges in this field as well. Rooted in my lack of knowledge and experience, these challenges sometimes made me feel unmotivated and thus wonder whether this career journey is truly for me. Often time, what hampers people from achieving their goals is not the difficulty itself but their fear of experimenting, failing and taking risks. What matters the most here is the way I face it, deal with it and win against it to pursue the chosen path. The long-lasting “battle” may occur internally in our mind instead of being controlled by any external factors, and will settle once I figure things out myself. It takes time but it works. Again, perseverance is a key of success.

I mentioned so many times on my blog how much I love AhaMove’s working environment and I am sure that the reason comes from its people. They are young, carefree and may be inexperienced, but always energetic, passionate and inspiring. With their support and care for me and for each other, I have learned how mutual bonds beyond the office can help strengthen connections between every team member and leverage the productivity of the team as a whole. As the youngest one in the team, I was always instructed, fostered and cared for, which made it so hard to say goodbye. Words cannot describe how grateful I am for having a chance to meet and work with these amazing coworkers. The mentorship and connections I have at AhaMove are so valuable to me because I have learned so much from their talents and prior experiences with which I could have a clearer career orientation based on their recommendation and guidance.

It has been my pleasure to work as a data analyst intern of the Business Intelligence department at AhaMove. This is so far the most memorable summer of my college life, thanks to the internship. I look forward to exploring myself further to find my own way and keep moving forward in the future. Hopefully in that journey, I will have more career opportunities like this internship again.

Our team winning the 1st prize of the office decorating contest for our company's 3rd birthday
Our team winning the 1st prize of the office decorating contest for our company’s 3rd birthday

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