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Poe Illustrated

Artist and poetry lover Greg Hinkle drew an illustrated of Edgar Allen Poe’s poem Annabel Lee just in time for Halloween. Though the poem is in no way a work of fright and horror like so many other works Poe has … Continue reading

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An update on Natan Zach’s censorship

I wrote last week on the censorship Natan Zach is facing after controversial comments he made regarding the Gaza Flotilla. The Jerusalem Post had an article a few days ago that put a different spin on the debate. Are Zach’s … Continue reading

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Halloween Poetry

Just in time for Halloween, the Poetry Foundation has written an article on some of the spookiest poems out there, featuring works by Shakespeare and Edgar Allan Poe. You can read the article here.

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Tao Lin Loves Hamsters

Watch Tao show how to draw hamsters and the importance he places on how to draw them tells a little bit about himself.

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Only Connect

Who remembers reading Only Connect by William Cronon?  It asks the question about what it means to be liberally educated.  View it here if you’ve forgotten.  Tao Lin has written an article also called Only Connect available here.  While Tao … Continue reading

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Jonathan Walton – My Release

Jonathan Walton is a graduate student at Colombia and a published poet. He came to my high school and performed for us, and was really incredible. Here’s one of his performances on YouTube. Jonathan Walton in performance

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Clare Considers

“Clare Considers” is a poem by Aaron Belz, whom my favorite poet project is about. The poem is about how people are the same, but different. The speaker and Clare seem to be related. This is through the line: “We … Continue reading

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Halloween poetry pairing

Following up on an earlier blog post. Here is a halloween-themed poetry pairing. enjoy.

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Poetry Etiquette With Bob Hicok

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Captains in Captivity

When I was writing Essay 4 I came across a contemporary poet named Seth Abramson, who was a former attorney of law, recently converted poet. I enjoyed reading some of his work. Here the link to one of his poems … Continue reading

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Mutabaruka CD

Last week I purchased Mutabaruka’s CD “The Ultimate Collection” which consists all of his most famous work. Upon listening to it you can’t really figure out if it is reggae, spoken word, or a new concoction of amazingness, but without … Continue reading

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Just a Minor Virus

I talked about one of my poems going viral during our class on Monday. Well I though I would send you the link and see the discussion. This poem is about the complexity and beauty of two minds interacting during … Continue reading

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Out of Order

Matthea Harvey’s latest collection of poetry, Modern Life, covers a breadth of topics with its diverse verse.  While reading through the collection, the poem, “Out of Order” caught my eye.  The poem itself is quite short; however, its impact upon … Continue reading

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Poetry and Music

At Semana Poética IX, Dickinson Professor Lynn Helding performed several poems set to a musical accompaniment, provided by Eun Ae Baik-Kim.  The pieces were beautifully arranged, but I feel that one in particular was worth posting.  Although it is not … Continue reading

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Reading by Jorie Graham

I found an interesting reading by Jorie Graham. These readings deal with life and the spiritual expieriences within life, death, humanity,  humor and wonder. These readings interested me because the poems that Graham reads are deep and significant and filled with … Continue reading

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