Is English the best language for poetry?

While watching one of Jorie Graham’s videos I came across a segment where she talked about how she believes that English is the best language for poetry. She believes that the romance languages are just as beautiful and poetic as English, however she believes that English can be more unique and more expressive. She feels that the English language is a blend of many other languages, making it vast in vocabulary. Even though she believes that English is a great language for poetry she also feels that English speaking individuals do not use english to its full capacity. The English language is so beautiful and so expressive that we cannot fully absorb it all. Below I will post her video so that you guys can watch it yourselves and formulate your own opinions.


The right language for poetry

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One Response to Is English the best language for poetry?

  1. Sergio says:

    I sincerely disagree about English being the poets language.
    It´s severe,strict,sort of plain rigid,to me,and I´m not an English native,but I can´t sense much beauty in English sounds-yet English is now the worlds language,it might as well take over poetry.

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