Sonnet Project

I don’t know if Danielle or Jesse already used our project as a post, but I am rather proud of it and just wanted to give everyone a little more insight into what our ideas were and how we made the film. The original plan was to have all fourteen lines be different people lined up at a table, have each of them perform their actions consecutively and then zoom out and have them all in a sort of chaotic shot, collectively being the poem. But alas we could not gather that many all at once (though not for lack of trying!). In fact, many ideas were exchanged for new ones throughout the project, right up to the very end. So while the finished product is quite different from our original vision, it still somehow worked out, thanks in my opinion to a great group effort.

As far as making the film, there are a couple of notable things I think are worth mentioning. First, in order to make the shots all consistent looking, we had to tape the tripod to the table we were using, which means that in all the different backgrounds we had to carry the table there. A lot of time was spent editing, making the speeds just right and matching the videos to the words as well as the music. We ended up spending the better part of two days just filming and editing this videos, but we hope you enjoyed them!

\”Sonnet\” by Billy Collins Interpretive Video 

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