Unemployed Cryptozoologist

I wish it had occured to me before that we could post our own poetry. I don’t write as profusely as Sam, but when I do I really enjoy writing poetry. Anyway, I apologize for the little bit of language in this one but I thought you all could handle it and I wouldn’t mind hearing what anyone thought of it/ what its about.

Unemployed Cryptozoologist
I don’t know just who
Paid you
In the first place
But it seems its time
Here’s the finish line
Without fanfare,
Ribbon or rhyme
Expires your Caucus Race

And we’re all losers
In this case
Even those who didn’t run
For the only prize
That we have won
Is the knowledge of what we
Could have done, could have been
The last and saddest
In our trophy case

So put away
Your Big Foot casts
Chupacabre shirts
And Yeti masks
Box-up your vampire
And Jackelope hairs
Out plastic baggies
Take out Nessy’s photos
With the trash

For the last stone
Has since been turned
The virgins all raped
Beaten and burned
No longer is there such a place
Where we have not been
Without a boot-print on the face
Or “Fuck-You”
On her skin
– Like Holden’s evidence
That we never learned

So I pray you
Put your “research” down
Join us!
Be yet another sad clown
Paint on that perfect,
Silver tear
For your mother’s fate
That crowds for politicians
Until the real ones
Wash it away.

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  1. aldrich says:

    Melinda, thanks for sharing this. The title strikes me as particularly imaginative.

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