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Hey guys, so this is one of my newest poems for my poetry/creative writing class, it doesn’t really have a title, but it is an imitation poem of Emily Dickinson’s poem, “My Life has stood a Loaded Gun”. Please feel free to comment. Enjoy!

Jaimie Cirillo

I am Mother Nature’s brain,

Controlling all she feels.

If I am happy or I am sad,

she unleashes me to the world./

I smile to make the sun appear,

and shiver to make it cold.

Yet when I tell her I’ve had enough,

she merely gives a sigh./

The raindrops mask the tears I hide,

the winds echo my screams.

The value of one’s brain today

is falling at the seams./

When will I get my day to shine,

she pretends I do no work.

Without my thoughts she

could not feel, and the world would fall apart./

Yet I am trapped within her head,

runaway I cannot do.

My thoughts are tired and I am weak,

freedom denies me too./

So a lightning storm I will make,

and she will take the blame.

But then a rainbow will appear

and I’ll still lose my fame./

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One Response to New poems

  1. aldrich says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Jaimie. I trust there are many sunny days ahead.

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