Jorie Graham

Hey guys, so I thought that I would talk a little about Jorie Graham’s poetry. I do agree with Proffesor Aldrich,¬†Graham’s poetry is a little impersonal and “standoffish”, however sometimes she does add in a few relatable aspects to her poems. However, I feel that the reason her poems seem so distant to us is because she has a different style than we do, and we are not used to her kind of writing. Graham was not born in the U.S. she was born in Italy and did not come to the the U.S. until she was around our age, so English is not even her first language. I feel that this plays a big role in why her poetry is so distant to us. However, Graham feels that English is the best language used for poetry and although her topics may be vague and “sophisticated” as if she is trying to show off, this style may simply have to do with the fact that English was not her first language and this may have been the way she learned to write.

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  1. brumbaua says:

    I have not read any of Graham’s work, but from what we discussed in class on Monday, I agree with you entirely that this could be a possibility. Just as many multilingual people sometimes miss the subtle nuances of their second (or third, etc.) language, I feel that Graham may not be attempting to come off as “impersonal,” but rather cannot help it.

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