Learning to read is a difficult, but interesting phenomenon. Like most children’s experiences, I remember having difficulties with learning to read. For me, the first step in the reading process was listening. I remember my parents would read me different types of books such as Dr. Seuss, or Clifford; this allowed me to get used […]

The Magic of Reading

January 30, 2013 | 3 Comments

Learning to read for me was a very enjoyable experience. I remember my father reading all of the classics to me as a child before dinner and bed. Everything from Dr. Seuss to Winnie the Poo. It always fascinated me that such amazing places and people could exist in this regular world. Eventually my father […]

Little Effing Ricky

January 30, 2013 | 1 Comment

When I originally began to think about the “ABCs” prompt, I was focused on what it was like when I began to learn how to read.  But after talking to my mom and some of my older siblings and having each of them tell me, “You learned to read when you were about 3” and/or […]

Dr. Seuss

January 30, 2013 | 4 Comments

I first learned to read a long time ago, so I don’t remember that much. But I do remember reading Dr. Seuss a whole bunch. Some of the best stories I ever have read, my mom first told me while I lay down in bed. Nothing could replace the great Dr. Seuss. I loved reading […]

Reading as a Lineage

January 30, 2013 | 1 Comment

In high school, I worked with Big Brother Big Sister through our community service program. During the three years that I participated in the program, I worked with the same little brother. For privacy issues, we will call him Tom. Each week, Tom and I met for an hour and for half the time we […]

The Sistine Nursery

January 29, 2013 | 4 Comments

              Glimpsing the heavenly beams flooding through the blinds, indicating the day’s arrival, my eyes widen. Lying underneath my pristine sheets, I stare at the intricate murals covering the towering ceiling. Despite my appearance of fresh lips and unwrinkled skin, I am in deep contemplation, awaiting the moment I believe […]

Kicking and Screaming

January 29, 2013 | 5 Comments

How did I learn to read? I think the title of this blog post pretty much says it all. When I was a child, I hated learning to read. The combinations of all those different letters would just swirl around in my mind until I grew dizzy from the effort of trying to make sense […]

“…In a beautiful pea green boat, They took some honey, and plenty of money, Wrapped up in a five pound note. The Owl looked up to the stars above, And sang to a small guitar, ‘O lovely Pussy! O Pussy my love, What a beautiful Pussy you are, You are, You are! What a beautiful […]