One of the most powerful ways that marginalized groups can affect their status on the fringe is through education. Yet education is often one of the difficult hoops that marginalized groups most jump through in order to see actual upwards progress. Many schools were not well enough equipped to handle gifted students as well as the rest of student […]

I am taking a class called Marginalization and Representation in which we learn alot about marginalization groups and how marginalization works. This class really ignited an interest in learning more about how Marginalization really works and how these groups can make progress in escaping from the margins. Part of the reason why my interest was so inspired was how we are looking at the […]

My senior of High School I took an AP lit class that Orwell would have hated incredibly. It is the best example of using fancy words for no  reason other then to sound intelligent. The example I will use here centers around the word use. We were banned from using use in any of our […]

To me being literate at Dickinson has two parts.The first part involves being able to successfully read emails and understand how to employ research tools to their fullest. It is something that is taught to us as a part of our useful liberal education to prepare us for the post college world. I think that this form of […]

The Magic of Reading

January 30, 2013 | 3 Comments

Learning to read for me was a very enjoyable experience. I remember my father reading all of the classics to me as a child before dinner and bed. Everything from Dr. Seuss to Winnie the Poo. It always fascinated me that such amazing places and people could exist in this regular world. Eventually my father […]