So I was originally dead set on not doing a gender-centric paper for this final assignment. I always do something related to women’s roles or sexuality. Time for a change right? Wrong! But my original idea, which was to talk about how blogging has helped to change our rhetoric, is not mutually exclusive to my […]

I am taking a class called Marginalization and Representation in which we learn alot about marginalization groups and how marginalization works. This class really ignited an interest in learning more about how Marginalization really works and how these groups can make progress in escaping from the margins. Part of the reason why my interest was so inspired was how we are looking at the […]

Culture is a term that is nearly impossible to define, yet we try to decide whether those around us are literate in their own culture or not.  How does this affect how Latin American children who are denied access to this already elusive culture.  This is especially relevant in respects to language.  I would like […]

The self-publishing industry has flourished over the past few years. There have been numerous success stories of authors whose works have sold a tremendous amount of copies, all of which were self-published. Authors like Stephen King, J.K. Rowling, and E.L. James have gotten in on this lucrative business, and their book sales have not suffered […]


April 3, 2013 | 3 Comments

I really want to look at the literacy of humor. There are a few questions I want to answer in doing this. 1. Why do we laugh? (look at mechanisms in the brain maybe?) 2. Why is laughing so good for us? (use as a reference, maybe in intro or conclusion. May be interesting to […]

Within the past few years, the $10-billion dollars-a-year self-help book industry in the United States has continued to grow. Some people consider them truly life-changing, while others consider them rightfully criticized.   What drives an author to write a self-help book? Once it’s written, who publishes it, and how do they know whether the author […]

Digital Literacy

April 2, 2013 | 3 Comments

After completing our service learning project, I realized someone had to write an investigative article about the usefulness of computer skills and digital literacy in the 21st Century. While working with Emma and Clara, I found that creating a blog was not the easiest task, despite the fact that we each possess digital skills and […]