To me being literate at Dickinson has two parts.The first part involves being able to successfully read emails and understand how to employ research tools to their fullest. It is something that is taught to us as a part of our useful liberal education to prepare us for the post college world. I think that this form of […]

…the Dickinson literacy police that is! because I am illiterate when it comes to much of Dickinson “lingo”.   I haven’t a clue about half the gibberish that comes out of my fellow Dickinsonians’ mouths when it’s related to campus and/or college specifics. Cushies?  Yeah right!  I didn’t figure that one out until I mistakenly clicked […]

While thinking about Dickinson literacy I began to realize that learning to communicate with Dickinsonians is similar to learning a foreign language. For there is quite a wide range of words and historical facts that we are all required to learn in order to be Dickinson literate. For starters there is the absurd range of […]

Tuta Libertas

February 6, 2013 | 2 Comments

Tuta Libertas. “A bulwark of Liberty.” These are the words that John Dickinson used to describe Dickinson College. These words are important because they help guide Dickinson’s mission of a useful and progressive liberal arts education. Literacy can be defined as the ability to read and write coherently, and the ability to think critically about what […]

In thinking about Dickinson literacy, one specific event comes to mind. It was very early in freshman year, before I was aware of all the “lingo”. I was aware of one term though, “the snar”. I could not even tell you where I learned to call it that, but I knew it was what I […]

Last summer, while working as a writing associate for Dickinson’s Summer Institute for International Students, one of my students asked me where he could find a fake ID. As an employee of the college, I obviously didn’t answer him. Nevertheless, his question prompted me to consider the implications of what he was asking. The purpose […]

Peculiar, isn’t it? In a world connected by beautifully dated languages utilized since the primitive ages, lingo, slang and the like are becoming more commonplace. The basis of our own language, English, is broken down into dialects varying by region and is distorted by street tongues and the highly recognizable “mumbo jumbo.” Humans seem to […]

D’son Dialect

February 4, 2013 | 2 Comments

“I’ll meet you at the cushies after I finish up at the lib, then we could do the Caf or the Snar, and I may need to stop at the D.Den.” See to me, I heard that message loud and clear. But I’ve used those terms in front of non-Dickinsonian’s, like my boyfriend when he […]