Hace unos años, no fuese capaz de construir en español esta frase tan simple.  Not many years ago I would have been incapable of constructing in Spanish the relatively simple  sentence above.  Even know, after nine years of study, it does not always come as easily to me as English, my first and only language […]

My grandmother makes fun of me because I can never find a paid internship during the summer. Last summer was no exception, as I accepted another unpaid internship with a new blogging website for women called Spike the Watercooler. I was very motivated by the thought of creating a communal writing outlet for women, but […]

Imagine a college in the present day where every student who went there was digitally illiterate. Not only are they unable to read information from a computer, but they are also incapable to navigate or communicate through any type of digital device. If none of them developed the skills to effectively use digital technology, would […]

  The digital native has many imaginations. From the simple understanding of anybody born after the 1980’s to the more nuanced idea of the born digital generation, the definition of the digital native has been shaped by various assumptions. More specifically, this person is assumed to be young and to have grown up with digital […]

“Nancy, what are you thinking about? You’ve been so quiet,” said George Fayne, a thin short-haired girl who was proud of her boy’s name. “Yes, Nancy, what’s going on?” chimed in George’s cousin, Bess Marvin, a blond girl who was always talking about going on a diet. “Tell us!” Nancy, a pretty eighteen-year-old with strawberry […]