Doug Moore


Doug Moore is the talented singer/songwriter for the fast-rising “technical metal” band Pyrrhon. I spoke with him following the release of the band’s latest album ‘What Passes for Survival’ about the human experience of carving out a (sometimes) hospitable piece of the music industry to inhabit. Right now, he’s funding his music career with jobs writing for Clearer Thinking and Stereogum.

This interview took place on August 21st, 2017.

SAM: Besides making music, what do you do for a living?

DOUG: My main source of income is not death metal or deal-metal related (or even music related). Essentially, I am sort of a multi-role writer/researcher and factotum for Clearer Thinking. A succinct summation of what we do is that we advocate for rationality in an effort to encourage better decision-making in people’s daily lives. That’s sort of the elevator pitch for the site.

We create these little automated programs that you can take for free on the site, which mainly are designed to illuminate a concept that we think would be useful for people to apply in their daily lives.

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Reddit: ‘The Front Page of the Internet’

Reddit logo

With an attitude reflecting its titular play on the phrase “read it,” Reddit remains an anomaly in an age where websites are flooded with eye-catching animations. Going against the sentiment that a picture speaks a thousand words, Reddit is a deconstruction of what popular culture finds noteworthy. Though visitors can find pictures, videos, GIFs, or any visual media on the site, its appeal lies elsewhere. Greeting its visitors with only unappealing bright blue text, Reddit evokes the rudimentary simplicity of the early days of the internet, yet, it’s actually hyper-modern.

Despite being the 10th most trafficked website in the United States (ahead of Netflix, Pinterest, and the New York Times), Reddit is mostly shielded from the aggressive marketing campaigns and pop-up ads that haunt much of today’s internet. This virtue, free from industrial constraints, perhaps is not as surprising as it might seem. Developed by two college dorm-mates in 2005, Reddit has predominantly been unaffected by exterior conditions.

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Romanticism and Change in Chance the Rapper’s ‘Same Drugs’


When I first listened to Chance the Rapper’s Coloring Book, I thought it was a pretty lackluster save for one song. My judgment may have been a little harsh, since I was comparing it to Chance’s previous mixtape Acid Rap (which I’ve  come to realize I’d romanticized and so had downplayed its flaws in my memory) and the two are very different albums born of different circumstances. I love Acid Rap’s consistent tone, I think that’s really what rewards listening to it all the way through and solidifies the album as one concrete thing to me. While the same can’t be said of Coloring Book, it was a major studio release while Acid Rap was just a mixtape, so it was obviously made over a much longer period of time and there was likely a much greater dispersal of artistic control. Chance also had access to new collaborators and so wanted to experiment with new sounds, which is admirable.

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‘It’s Always Sunny’ When Max Watches TV

It’s Always Sunny

What happens when you get five degenerate friends that own their own dive bar in Philadelphia? You get some raucous and off-putting situations with a tumultuous storm of dark and politically incorrect (but nonetheless hilarious) behavior. Such is the premise of the TV show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Since the show’s inception in 2005, Sunny has become a major hit for its oxymoronically pitch-black and light tone.

Throughout the years, the show has acquired a pretty large fan base and FXX has recently renewed it for its 13th and 14th seasons. The show has spawned plenty of merchandise, a traveling rendition of one of the episodes, and a consistency to the show’s plot and nature. A big fan of the show, Max Rubinstein (former Dickinson graduate and my partner in crime) allowed me to interview him about his fandom.  For him, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is more than just a source of entertainment; it serves as both a connective tissue for his social relationships and way for him to make new connections.…

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Grow Up Review – The Problem with Sandboxes

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