Shaping Sound, Shaping Minds

Shaping Sound

I have been a mighty admirer of the dance scene especially since I started dancing when I was young and haven’t stopped since. In my opinion, So You Think You Can Dance is one of the greatest television series that has been invented. They attract many talents who audition and get challenged by the show, not only in their genre, but in other genres too. The show first debuted in 2005 and is on their 12th season currently.

In particular, I’ve admired Nick Lazzarini and Travis Wall, the winner of season 1 and runner-up of season 2 respectively. They are both contemporary dancers and have since found fulfilling careers in the world of dance. Just recently in 2012, Wall and Lazzarini founded their own dance company Shaping Sound with Teddy Forance and Kyle Robinson. They have recruited wonderful talents who have helped make their national tours a reality.

The four founders had heard many of their dancer friends speak about the lack of opportunities and career prospects that they decided to build their own company.…

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Grant Morrison’s Multiversity


Ever since I really started reading comic books, I feel like I’vve been waiting for Multiversity. Each year since 2010, I read that this would be the year when Grant Morrison’s follow up to Final Crisis would come out. Multiversity became almost a mythical comic in my mind. I heard rumors of a page in it that had 300 panels, and that the series would change the way I read comics. Whether or not Morrison intended it to be, in my eyes Multiversity was going to be the writer’s magnum opus. With DC Comics’ New 52 revamp in 2011, I had all but given up hope of seeing the series. But here, at long last, it is. And it’s weird.

Multiversity is a 9-issue miniseries; so far 5 of the issues have been published. Each story is written by Morrison and set in a different universe with drawn by a different artist. The stories seem somewhat connected, but it’s not easy to summarize how.…

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Return to The World of Thedas


Bioware loves dramatic protagonists. The company did the hero of legend in Dragon Age: Origins, the underdog-turned-champion in Dragon Age II Origins–and in Mass Effect, the main character was the savoir of the entire galaxy. How could they hope to create a protagonist to top that? With, it turns out, a hero as potential new messiah, embroiled in a good old battle of the gods. Dragon Age: Inquisition thrives on the dramatic and the epic: in the plot, in the characters, and in the imaginary world of Thedas. The first plot point is an explosion seen on the title screen when “new game” is selected, which sets the story in motion. From then on–throughout more than 100 hours of content–the game is one of wonders both big and small.

Meet the Inquisitor

The Inquisitor is entirely your character. You get to customize everything about her (or him), from her race and background to her appearance, and even her voice. When the game begins, your character is the sole survivor of the aforementioned blast, which happens to have killed hundreds, ruined hopes of peace in a war-torn country, and unleashed its own chaos into the world via a magical scar left in the sky.…

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