Shaping Sound, Shaping Minds

Shaping Sound

I have been a mighty admirer of the dance scene especially since I started dancing when I was young and haven’t stopped since. In my opinion, So You Think You Can Dance is one of the greatest television series that has been invented. They attract many talents who audition and get challenged by the show, not only in their genre, but in other genres too. The show first debuted in 2005 and is on their 12th season currently.

In particular, I’ve admired Nick Lazzarini and Travis Wall, the winner of season 1 and runner-up of season 2 respectively. They are both contemporary dancers and have since found fulfilling careers in the world of dance. Just recently in 2012, Wall and Lazzarini founded their own dance company Shaping Sound with Teddy Forance and Kyle Robinson. They have recruited wonderful talents who have helped make their national tours a reality.

The four founders had heard many of their dancer friends speak about the lack of opportunities and career prospects that they decided to build their own company.…

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The Dick Van Dyke Show


The Dick Van Dyke Show can be seen as one of the first sitcoms that resembles our modern conception of the genre. The show strayed from its predecessors, with Mary Tyler Moore’s spunky take on the housewife role and a new mobility evoked between home and work. At the same time, The Dick Van Dyke Show has roots in the older Vaudeville-variety style of the 1950s. This in-between existence is perfectly exemplified in the season one episode “Oh How We Met the Night We Danced.” The popularity of this episode most likely stems from Van Dyke and Moore’s incredible comedic and dancing talent, both of which were hallmarks of the show. However, this seemingly simple episode reveals much about the historical, political, and industrial contexts of the series.

One of the most popular episodes of The Dick Van Dyke Show, “Oh How We Met the Night We Danced” reveals how Rob and Laura Petrie, the protagonist couple, first fell in love.…

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