Reddit: ‘The Front Page of the Internet’

Reddit logo

With an attitude reflecting its titular play on the phrase “read it,” Reddit remains an anomaly in an age where websites are flooded with eye-catching animations. Going against the sentiment that a picture speaks a thousand words, Reddit is a deconstruction of what popular culture finds noteworthy. Though visitors can find pictures, videos, GIFs, or any visual media on the site, its appeal lies elsewhere. Greeting its visitors with only unappealing bright blue text, Reddit evokes the rudimentary simplicity of the early days of the internet, yet, it’s actually hyper-modern.

Despite being the 10th most trafficked website in the United States (ahead of Netflix, Pinterest, and the New York Times), Reddit is mostly shielded from the aggressive marketing campaigns and pop-up ads that haunt much of today’s internet. This virtue, free from industrial constraints, perhaps is not as surprising as it might seem. Developed by two college dorm-mates in 2005, Reddit has predominantly been unaffected by exterior conditions.

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