Excitingly sad end!


The last 2 weeks were quite hectic, I definitely had the most amount of work during my last weeks that previously in my internship. Additionally, due to the fact that my boss is abroad, in a completely different time zone, there have been a couple of days where I would be in communication with him late at night, even during work at night and on the weekends (very similar to college life). Tip: Be prepared to work hours outside your regular office hours, this is how you can impress your boss and get more work in. The time difference communication was a little hectic as there was more work to do at night and in the mornings than during the afternoon, but it was in interesting experience, definitely prepared me for the real world where I will probably have to work a lot.

It’s my last day, and my last blog post! It has been quite an amazing and complex time that I have had over the past 3 months, and although I am sad to leave my internship and New York City, I am excited to go back to college and put what I have learned into my work and future experiences. Finishing up and saying bye to everyone is always a little sad, but I’m glad that I had this opportunity and learned so much from many different people. My next task is to keep in touch with all the coworkers whom I have met, and to remember all that I have learned and put it to some good use in the future.

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