How is time establish

How was time established?  Who was the one who created the idea of tracking time on a watch?  This questions are raised through E. P. Thompson’s article, Time, Work-Disciple, and Industrial Capitalism.  Thompson shows the development of time and how it changed through the centuries.  I found this article very interesting because it shows the different ways people tracked time.  In the early centuries, time was never recorded with a specific number, instead it was recorded by a specific phrase depending on the culture that was present.  People arrived on time through estimated times.

Thompson goes further in explaining how there are different types of time.  One of the types discussed was task-oriented time.  This is how the recording of time started.  But it is interesting because task-oriented time in some cultures is still present.  Task-oriented time actually is present in some ways in the our culture now.  Task-oriented time is shown with parenting.  Stay-at-home parents deal with this time because they run on the time of their children as well as their own time.  Their children go to school, have appointments, and do extracurricular activities.  The children must depend on the time of their parents, therefore their parents must be on the time of their children.

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