Destructive War

After today’s class I found myself thinking about the number of casualties that ensued from the Second World War. Upon researching it more, I discovered that the estimated lives lost in World War 2 were more than 63 million people. Of these 63 million, a whopping 23 million of these people were from the Soviet Union. Despite war being one of my favorite subjects, these numbers were absolutely appalling to me as that is a staggering loss of human life.

This got me thinking as to what a war of this proportion would cost in modern times. In the approximately 70 years since World War 2 the weapons and armor used by modernized nations has drastically improved (or gotten worse depending on your point of view). The more I think about it, the more worried this makes me as we now truly have the capacity to destroy ourselves. At the time 63 million people constituted about 2.5% of the worlds population and that was achieved with the “primitive” weapons of the time. With the world in the political state that it is in, I feel like we should be incredibly careful in what moves we make as we could easily wreak havoc on the world if another world war were to break out.


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