Nazis 25 points: Modern eugenics taken to the extreme.

The 25 points, is a document which outlined the main goals of the burgeoning Nazi party in the 1920’s. The party gained mass support for there extreme combination of nationalist, ┬ámilitarist, and socialist ideas throughout Germany. The party was seen as an organization that would be able to rise Germany from the destruction that followed after the end of World War One. At this time the liberal minded government of the Weimar Republic was seen as weak. The strong armed ideas of the party in regards to the state ex.(2,3,25) and the populous ex.(9,10,11) were met with great acclaim.

The ideas put forth by the Nazi’s seemed to be a policy of extreme eugenics. The Nazi’s wanted to cleanse the country ex. (4.8) of all foreign and especially those of Jewish blood. These unwanted minorities could only pollute the pure aryan blood line, and they were to be expelled the Reich. This could only make the Volk stronger and unadulterated. The party also wanted to unite and strengthen the populous ex. (10,20,21). These policies in specific the movement to increase the health of all Germans, are made by the Party to improve the vitality and power of the entire country. The Nazi’s goal of expansion could not be put into action without a strong population. That is why this party turned to the idea of eugenics. Eugenics in theory creates a healthier population and roots out the undesirables and this fit perfectly with the Nazi’s anti-semetic and militarist view. A land with no Jews and a healthier populous would be ideal. Unlike most other countries the Nazi’s were able to implement there policy of eugenics on a large scale, to horrific results. The complete and total eradication of Jews, the mentally ill, gypsies and many others were systematically targeted and killed. Is there ever a way to implement eugenics without such horrific results?

4 thoughts on “Nazis 25 points: Modern eugenics taken to the extreme.

  1. The answer to your question is yes. While eugenics is morally wrong, we’ve seen several cases where genocide was not part of the plan. There were ideas of sterilization and sometimes just the warning against breeding with certain people. Again, these produced pretty bad results, but not to the extreme of the Nazi platform.

  2. I think you did a great job connecting eugenics with these 25 points. Germany in the 1920’s did want to completely cleanse itself to remove the unwanted (foreigners and jews) and did so using a horrible method. I do think there is a way to implement eugenics in a “safe” manner obtaining the results you want. In order to do this, I think, Germany needed to create strict laws against foreigners and jews. Although this method is not justified, it is a better way to implement eugenics without horrific results.

  3. As a previous commenter said, there are many examples when eugenics were implemented and not taken to such extremes. Some of these countries where we saw this are Britain, Russia, and Italy (before their association with Nazi Germany). All of these countries had propaganda promoting ideal eugenics, however none of these countries took it to such extremes as Nazi Germany.

  4. Excellent Job with this post. You really did well talking about the Eugnics in Nazi Germany and how they took things beyond the other European countries. To Answer your question, Yes. Germany certainly took things to another level through Eugenics while other countries did not necessarily implement them. Certainly not to the level of removing Jews, Gypsies, etc…

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