3 Points

1) Fascism denies the necessity and possibility of perpetual peace. It believes that human nature inevitably leads to conflict and thus war. Also, war is the time when the noble are separated from the weak and cowardly. War helps expand the empire of the fascist state.

2) Fascism provides the strength and order that socialism in the 18th century lacked. Mussolini identifies Marxism as the problem in Europe and proves fascism as the solution. It would provide the strong leadership needed in Europe.  Fascism also opposed the class struggle and discrimination based on class.

3) Fascism best represents the tendencies and aspirations of the people. It gives the people the necessary freedoms and no more. Democracy gives too much freedom to the people and lacks a strong unified leadership. The majority does not guide the nation in the proper direction, but a fascist government does.

2 Questions

1) Is fascism really what Europe needed after the previous era of socialism?

2) How and why did fascism when put in practice contribute to World War II?

1 Interesting Observation

1) Fascism’s original meaning was twisted by the horrors of WWII. In America, the meaning of fascism has been further distorted by the media. When people call President Obama  a fascist, it’s clear that the meaning has been almost completely lost.

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