Paper Review

This paper deserves an A because of its cohesive and direct treatment of the question posed to us by Professor Qualls. The author’s direct thesis coupled with paragraphs that are used to support it, all wrapped up in an elegantly written piece show a firm understanding of the prompt, as well as a strong command of the rubric for writing for Professor Qualls.

The author of this paper did a good job of keeping his/her argument direct and straightforward by using information directly related to the points he/she intended to prove in the paper. Citation of specific articles in the Table of Ranks allowed for specific analysis that bolstered the author’s argument, and kept the focus of the exercise on the question asked in the prompt.

Language in any paper plays a significant role, and the way in which the author of this paper manipulated language made reading this paper simple. The introduction and conclusion, while both short, keep a tight focus on the ideas the author wished to convey, an element that is crucial to good writing of history.

The fluidity of the evidence presented shows the author’s meticulous attention to the argument. Each one of his/her paragraphs leads perfectly into the other, an element which makes this paper easy to follow. Oftentimes in longer papers (800 words +) it becomes difficult to follow the argument the author intended to put forward, especially when excessive quotes and paraphrasing are used. The author of this paper seamlessly incorporated quotations and paraphrasing of sources which allowed for the reader to remain focused on the idea being argued rather than filler/other portions of the essay that don’t directly relate to the thesis.

Finally, this paper shows a strong grasp of grammar and punctuation, an often overlooked aspect of writing a history paper. The ability to command the English language in a manner which makes ones writing both easily understandable and easily read is a fundamental necessity for a writer of history, and having read this essay, it is clear to me that the author has embraced and nearly mastered this skill.

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