National Organization for Women : Statement of Purpose(1966)

Three main points

1. Women have possessed many disadvantages in the society such as a low income, sex discrimination, low statues in workplace for a long time. They also could not take part in political decision makings since their political rights had not been guaranteed for a long time.

2. Although women have suffered from a lot of disadvantages in the society, these disadvantages should be removed for realizing a society that both men and women can live under equal rights.

3. It is significant to make a society that women can freely choice their own lifestyle. Since most of women had to  take care of children after a marriage, they had to quit their jobs regardless of  their will. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct a measure to realize a greater participation of women in public affairs.

Two questions

1. In page three, there is an old idea that men have to take care of their family members, while women mainly engage in a household to back up husband. What was a factor that produced this idea?

2. In page three, the establishment of child-care center was suggested to help women who would like to continue their works after they gave birth to children. After this suggestion, Were there any movements or measures to help women continue work ? If so, how much did women come to continue their works comparing to before?


Although I mentioned in the question part, there is an old idea that men have to take care of their family members, while women mainly engage in a household to back up husband. This idea had also been common in Japan for a long time. Now, many Japanese women have their workplaces and work with men workers. However, few women engaged in a work except for a household thirty to forty years ago. Therefore, I understood that some countries had shared the same idea about the role of each gender.





2 thoughts on “National Organization for Women : Statement of Purpose(1966)

  1. Although I don’t think her book necessarily produced the idea of household roles for husband and wife, Isabella Beeton’s writings on household management definitely enforced the idea that a woman’s place was at home, where she was to provide a comfortable environment for her family, husband, and acquaintances. NOW sought to challenge this conventional way of thinking that had been present for centuries.

  2. I think a factor that contributed to the idea of women working in the house was the idea that men do the work. It was thought that men should be the ones who leave the house to make the money. Combined with the thought that women were a lesser sex it became thought that woman should stay home.

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