Sevastopol’s Importance

This article does an excellent job in explaining how Sevastopol was crucial in the past, from the World Wars to the myths surrounding it to the importance around the city that remains today.  It’s also interesting how the Soviets deliberately displayed the city in a myth-like way, using stories of heroism and its long past as a  propaganda tool.  In addition with the presence of a naval base of the Russian Black Fleet there today, all of these factors explain the Russian perception of why the city is so important, and also helps to explain the more recent Russian annexation of Crimea.

One thought on “Sevastopol’s Importance

  1. I agree that the city of Sevastopol served as a city of importance to the Soviet Union. The reason for its importance was due to it’s focus on tradition and its concern with representing old heroes of the past, that the Soviet Union had once worked so hard to blur out of history. This was not the case in this period, the Soviet Union was looking back to those old heroes and face of the past to show how successful and organized the country was.

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