Frankenstien Volume ll

In volume two of Frankenstein Victor travels to Chamounix after the mourning of William. While there Victor encounters The Monster for the first time since its creation. In this confrontation Frankenstein at once tries to kill it. However through some persuasion the Monster is able to convince his creator to listen to its story. Shelly then switches the stories perspective from being told by Frankenstein to being told by The Monster. The Monster recounts his travels from the University to a small farm owned by an old man, Agatha, and Felix. He finds shelter in a hovel attached to the cabin. This is where he observes the family and is able to learn how to learn their language as well as learn about the human race. The Monster describes his growing like and admiration for the farmers through description of the beautiful words they spoke and actions they performed. This growing fondness inspired it to look out for the family but helping out with chores at night. One day The Monster decides to approach the Old Man but is ran out of the cottage by Felix. This rejection causes The Monster so much pain that when he comes across William and discovers that he is the son of his despised creator, he kills him. The story is then brought back to the present where Frankenstein and The Monster are talking. The Monster demands that Frankenstein creates another monster that can be his wife so he will not be lonely anymore. They then departed from one another on the agreement that if Frankenstein created a wife for The Monster, he would leave the human race alone forever.

One of the passages that struck me as interesting was on page 78. The Monster is describing his stay at the farm and how it took milk and vegetables that the farm produced in order to provide for itself. However it states, “When I found that in doing this I inflicted pain on the cottagers, I abstained, and satisfied myself with berries, nuts, and roots…” (Shelly 78). I thought this passage to be so important due to the amount of empathy that this creature shows. He cannot even communicate yet nor does really know what his hosts are saying. Yet he has a deep enough understanding of humans that he understands the farmers are just as hungry as he is and they need the food that he has been sneaking. I believe Shelly is trying to communicate that even the simplest life form can express empathy and care. As shown through The Monster, who was starving, to give up his food source in order to benefit the Old Man, Agatha, and Felix, whom he does not even know.

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