The change of economic system in Hungary

Three points

1. Hungary planned to change a domestic economic system from communist economy to mixed-market economy because communist economy made peoples’ standard of living decline.

2.The power-oriented price system caused a conflict with actual industrial system because people came to pursue their private benefits, while small number of people tried  to control the whole domestic economy in the power-oriented price system.

3. In the communist economy, thee wage system did not take into account the productivity and actual market movement.… Read the rest here

National Organization for Women : Statement of Purpose(1966)

Three main points

1. Women have possessed many disadvantages in the society such as a low income, sex discrimination, low statues in workplace for a long time. They also could not take part in political decision makings since their political rights had not been guaranteed for a long time.

2. Although women have suffered from a lot of disadvantages in the society, these disadvantages should be removed for realizing a society that both men and women can live under equal rights.… Read the rest here

The Genocide Convention

Three points

1. The Genocide Convention regards a genocide as a illegal movement. It includes not only actual homicides but also attempted homicide and violence.

2. The Genocide Convention defines the concrete trial system. People who committed this convention can be judged by ICC or domestic courts.

3. This convention plays a quite significant role to prevent people from repeating a massacre, which was conducted by Nazi Germany during the second world war .

Two questions

1.… Read the rest here

An Early Nazi Program

Three points

1. In the program of NSDAP, it includes several suppress of Jewish people. For example, in the case of number four, Jewish people are not recognized as citizens. Besides this, there is also a phase that oppose the sprit and idea of Jewish people in number twenty four. These statements show the relationship between German and Jewish people.

2. This program also mentions the increasing citizen rights. For example, the equal human right and democratic idea in administrations are mentioned.… Read the rest here

What is to be done

Author: Vladimir Illyich Lenin, Russian revolutionary and politician.

Context: He played a central role as a leader of Russian revolution because he had a great ability to bring people together. He also learned  the idea of socialism developed by Karl Marx and established his theory. It was called Marxism-Leninism.  Because of physical damages caused by an attempted assassination, he passed away.

Language: He uses a standard level of English.

Audiences: social democrats, and members of revolutionary groups

Intentions: There are mainly three kinds of intentions.… Read the rest here

Anarchism: Its philosophy and ideal

Author- Peter Kropotkin is a  Russian revolutionist and political philosopher. He is also known as a geographer and biologist.

Context- He was born in 1842, and he became a naval officer. When he was around twenty years old, he brought a progress in Russia through his geographical field research around Russia. After he quits a naval officer, he came to strengthen the power as an anarchist.

Language- His writing often includes inquiries about his idea. In particular, he uses some question marks in the middle of each paragraphs.… Read the rest here

The necessity of clear scientific management

In the article, ” The Principles of Scientific Management”, I think the central claim is that employers  need  to  define a clear scientific management to improve the productivity of workers at maximum level. This is because the author, Frederick Taylor mentions the fact that workers have misunderstood the relationship between increasing efficiency and their position . In particular, he repeatedly mentions that workers have thought their increasing productivity of commodities can lead to the fire. Besides this, he also provides another idea of workers, which they are afraid of keeping hard working for a long time because of their great productivity.… Read the rest here

The abolishment of feminine characteristics

In the article ” A Vindication of the Rights of Women”, Mary Wollstonecraft mentions a fact that women have been regarded as lower status than men. Based on this fact, she referred how this kind of idea was produced by men. After that, she suggests the ideal situation that women should possess to improve their social status. In particular, she especially mentions the reinforcement of mental and physical power as her solution.

I especially focus on a sentence ” I wish to persuade women to endeavor to acquire strength, both of mind and body, and to convince them that the soft phrase….” … Read the rest here

The connection between political thought and popular culture

I think that the change of political thought is symbolized in popular culture. This is because some kinds of popular cultures have been changed after French revolution.  Before French revolution, the clergy and nobility completely controlled the rest of people by absolutism. The right of third estate was completely ignored, and ordinary people just had to obey the clergy and nobility. However, after French revolution, people started to regard the existence of high dominant people as a central problem.… Read the rest here