Religious influences on Russian Pop Culture

Religion played a central role in the everyday life in Post-Kievan Rus’.  The church was still what bound the people together in a very much separated society.  Much of what was happening with pop culture in this time was directly affected by the church.

During this time, the provisions of wills was distributed by the church due to the fact writing was not wide spread.  It is seen in the last will of Patrikei Stroev, that church plays a big part in the will itself.  … Read the rest here

The Influence of Religion on Russian Culture

As we have seen multiple times throughout the readings, the influence of the Church was able to penetrate nearly every aspect of Russian life. Popular culture was definitely not immune to the domination that the Church had. The strict social hierarchy that included the high social classes and the Church were very prevalent in Russian society, they were essentially in control of what would be passed down generation to generation. Since most of the literate population was somehow involved with the Church, their damnation towards minstrels and their performances led to very little historical record of them, and what remained is never very positive.… Read the rest here