How is time establish

How was time established?  Who was the one who created the idea of tracking time on a watch?  This questions are raised through E. P. Thompson’s article, Time, Work-Disciple, and Industrial Capitalism.  Thompson shows the development of time and how it changed through the centuries.  I found this article very interesting because it shows the different ways people tracked time.  In the early centuries, time was never recorded with a specific number, instead it was recorded by a specific phrase depending on the culture that was present.  … Read the rest here

Evolution of the concepts of time and surveillance

In Information Is the Alpha and Omega of Our Work, Peter Holquist details the evolution and purpose of the Soviet surveillance systems. Holquist argues the Soviet surveillance systems were not solely a Soviet phenomenon and were not restricted to the Bolshevik era of power. Instead Holquist claims the use of surveillance was a European concept and had existed prior to the Bolsheviks, with World War One as a catalyst. Surveillance differed from policing in that it’s goal was to mold, “society’s human material into a more emancipated, conscious, and superior individual”(Holquist, 417).… Read the rest here

Alpha Omega Work Disciple

In Holquist’s article, he discusses the different needs and uses of surveillance during the Cold War and the entrance of World War 1. The uses of surveillance under the Imperial regime and the Soviet Regime was very different. It was noted that every month, officials would have to turn in reports that would show how the citizens were feeling in terms of thier moods. A statement was made “the crucial factor was not the ‘popularity’ of the system”…”These systems were concerned isntead with sculpting and “gardening” a better society while simultaneously molding societies human material into a more emancipated, conscious and superior individual– the “new man”” (Holquist.… Read the rest here