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Why Yellow River becomes Yellow

By Ronghui Zhou and Alex Bialko

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Banpo tombs

Graves often contain beautiful, sometimes spectacular, artifacts, such as the iconic basins at Banpo.  But what did the graves also reveal about life at Banpo?  Prof Hill


Water Conservancy

We have seen many aspects of the complex technology for water conservancy on the Yellow River.   What aspect of this technology was most surprising to you, or has left the deepest impression?  Prof Hill

Yellow River Memorials

What was the significance of the two memorial pagodas  at either end of the scenic park under construction?  Prof Hill

Yellow River

The Yellow River is often called, “China’s Sorrow.”  What  do you think this refers to?  On balance, does it deserve this opprobrious label?

Anyang Site

What can you say about the  society and technology required to support the “lifestyle” at the Anyang court? Do the exhibits and artifacts provide any evidence?  From Prof Hill

Days 3 & 4 Henan museums, calligraphy and ruins

These two days we have been visiting the earliest Chinese civilizations. What is your general impression after you saw these artifacts? I am surprised by the development of early cities and their sizes, do you think they will impact the local environments? What kinds of pressure these cities have brought to China’s agriculture and environments?

Day 1 Great Wall

Why did ancient Chinese build the Great Wall? After thousands of years, do you think this Wall will have some ecological or environmental consequences? If you are lucky, maybe you can find some visual evidence.