It’s been one week since I arrived in Washington, DC, a week that has gone by so fast, and so slow, all at the same time.

I’ve already established a daily routine that includes an early morning wakeup, an enjoyable walk downtown, lunch in the office or out with the office staff, an evening run, “cooking” dinner, a walk around the mall, reading, and catching up on House of Cards episodes.

I’ve also learned a lot too:

  1. The Metro is easier to understand than I thought
  2. Dressing business casual everyday is actually kind of fun
  3. I am not a very good cook

My work at the National Institute for Civil Discourse has been great- myself and my fellow intern learned a bit more about what we’ll be doing over the summer. In addition to helping the office staff as needed, we will each get to create our own podcasts about an issue of interest that we think is important to Americans. We spend our downtime scouring the internet for articles/postings/quotes pertaining to civil dialogue, which we promote on the NICD’s Twitter and Facebook.

Outside the office, I’ve found that there is never any shortage of excitement in D.C. The hype surrounding the highly anticipated testimony of former F.B.I. Director James Comey on Thursday was palpable- one D.C. bar even offered free drinks for every Presidential tweet – which is “classic D.C.,” according to my supervisor.

This weekend, I finally got to sleep in after my first week of being an “adult.” I got to explore new dinner and brunch places with my friends and roommates (I tried a cheeseburger burger topped with bacon and maple syrup on a waffle bun made out of tater tots!). This weekend was also the D.C. Pride Parade, which made for a fun afternoon of music, dancing, and people watching.

This coming week I look forward to Thursday- I’ll be attending the 2017 Carnegie Junior Fellows Conference, Don’t Stop Believing: Restoring Civic Norms and Faith in Institutions. Stay tuned for more updates!