Today I leave DC and head for home, where I’ll have 3 weeks to spend with family and friends before I fly to Bologna, Italy for the year. While my DC adventure is about to end, another will soon be just beginning! I am so thankful for my time in DC. I’ve learned a lot in the short 2 months I’ve been here. I’ve met some amazing people, gained some clarity about my own future aspirations, and learned a lot about how our government works.

My time at the National Institute for Civil Discourse showed me how even a small group of people can make a big difference, inspire hope, and influence policy. I’ve made some lasting connections in the professional world that I know will aid me as I continue my career.

I have also discovered that in the future, I’d prefer to work in the foreign policy arena, which is my true passion. The last week of my internship, I attended a career fair at the Department of the Interior, which opened my eyes to a lot of great opportunities that I’m excited about. Next summer, I’ll seek out an internship in a foreign policy think tank, or maybe even at the State Department. This internship has helped me narrow down my focus to find the career path that I’m passionate about.

Through my internship as well as the friends and professionals I’ve met, I’ve gotten the chance to see the inside of Congress and a few other governmental agencies. It was really cool to learn more about the inner workings of these institutions; I now have a much better understanding of how our government works.

But none of this would have been possible without the Dickinson grant program. Without the aid I received, this experience would not have been possible. I am so thankful that Dickinson puts such an emphasis on gaining “real world” experience while still an undergrad. This blog and the reflective assignments I did as a part of the grant helped give my time here direction and meaning. My summer in DC has been incredibly valuable; I hope to return as soon as I can!