Dickinson Students Visit Mikhail Karasik’s Studio in St. Petersburg


This past weekend, Dickinson-in-Moscow students went for a three-day trip to Saint Petersburg. Besides visiting a lot of sights of Russia’s “second capital,” the students visited Mikhail Karasik– a leader within the movement in art known as artist’s books.


Barrett Ziegler ’16, a Russian major currently participating in the Dickinson-in-Moscow program, says: “I became acquainted with Mikhail’s work at a lecture he gave on the Dickinson campus. Afterward, I continued exploring his art through the internet and on his website. It was such a pleasure to meet with him in his own studio. He talked with us at length about many topics that influenced his work and life as well as the atmosphere of art both during and after the USSR. His studio was interesting to see and he was brilliant to talk with.”

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