Dickinson-in-Moscow: A Conversation on US-Russian Relations

Dickinson scholars abroad in Moscow recently had an exciting opportunity to test their language skills in an informal debate. A group of students from the Russian State University of the Humanities’ political science department joined Dickinson students to discuss the general history of US-Russia relations and the differences between their perspectives. Simon Ciccarillo ’16 recounts, “What I thought would be an argument naturally transitioned into a conversation about our cultural differences and the reasons behind our nations’ activities.” The seminar ended on a positive note when all students acknowledged that they themselves are the future of US-Russia relations, and that conversations such as these are the foundation of cooperation.

During the next seminar, Dickinsonians in Moscow joined sociology students to discuss youth and life in the city of Moscow. Among the topics covered were waste disposal, stray dogs, homelessness, and cohabitation. “It was fascinating to hear our differing opinions, especially because not all the Russian students were from different parts of the country. In addition to the Moscow perspective, we heard from students born in Chita, Penza, Ufa, and Irkutsk.”

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