We are a group of 22 students and 3 faculty members from Dickinson College who are traveling to Rwanda for two weeks, with the goal of understanding how a society grapples with trauma and devastation in the aftermath of genocide. Students in the After Genocide and Apartheid Mosaic will set out to answer this and other questions during their 14 days of in-country field studies. Students will interview Rwandans working to bring perpetrators to justice, and creating institutions and programs to create the conditions for reconciliation and peace. Training in interview techniques and ethics will take place as part of our first couple days in Kigali. The Mosaic format is unique because there will be two teams: one will focus on genocide studies and the other will focus on photography and art making in contemporary Rwanda. All participants will share living accommodations and daily meals, and will engage in evening discussions and small group activities, as a way to better understand their experiences and emotions. Their field studies and work will culminate in a final exhibition showcasing the photographs taken by students in the photography team with accompanying text written by students in the genocide team. Participants were required to enroll in one of the two following courses offered at Dickinson. The Natural and Social Landscape or Peace, Justice and Reconciliation after Genocide and Apartheid. The students’ exhibition will be shown in Rwanda and at Dickinson with a location TBD.