Since the idea of Jinn in the Muslim religion was introduced the other day, it has been on my mind. I believe that this is a very interesting idea and sometimes I feel as though I have even disturbed Jinn. After doing the readings, one sentence stood out to me and caused me to think about where Jinn reside. The sentence was “Jinn live all over the earth, although they are found mostly in deserts, ruins, and places of impurity like dunghills, bathrooms, and graveyards”(Ashour 25). This sentence caused me to ask; if Jinn mostly reside in places that are un-pure does this mean that they stay away from pure places like churches, mosques, temples, and other holy sites.
Is there a safe haven from Jinn, an area of the world that they cannot enter? I believe that there has to be. Whether they cannot enter do to the purity of the area or just do not like being there. There must be some place on earth that is free of Jinn. My best guess would be that since Muslims believe in Jinn, one of their spiritual sites would be the safe ground from these creatures. Whether it is in a mosque or in Mecca, or some other holy land. If this place does exist, do saints reside there? Is there a place where one could go and be positively possessed by a saint?
This topic is very interesting to me and I believe that if there are places where Jinn love to reside than there must be places that they try to avoid. I am curious to find out if this is the case or not.

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