Tuhami, Looking from a Psychological Point of View

While we were discussing Tuhami the other day in class I was really happy to hear that someone also thought that he may have been mentally ill. Being a psychology major, I have learned a lot about what traumatic childhood experiences can cause for a person as they grow up. In human neuropsychopathology we have been discussing how post traumatic stress disorder can cause people to have extremely realistic dreams, so when Tuhami sees his jinn wife I considered that she may be a very real dream after all of his negative childhood experiences. As I kept reading, and unfortunately unable to block the psychologist point of view voice out of my mind, I started to consider schizophrenia as a reason as to why he believes he sees this jinn and it explains why he can see her and speak to her, etc. The connection between Tuhami and the jinn is one that can easily be explained by hallucinations caused by schizophrenia, or he may even have a very extreme case of bipolar disorder. In the beginning of this semester, Professor Staub told us not to put our judgements into the beliefs that we may see as odd, but even as I continued reading Tuhami’s story, I could not get the psychological part of my brain to be quiet.

We have looked at the jinn in a psychological point of view while we were reading Bilu’s article, and how the possession of a jinn could be a way to help explain a mental or physical problem that could not be scientifically explained before, so in the case of Tuhami I didn’t think any differently as to why he sees and experiences what he experiences with his jinn wife. I find it disconcerting to keep thinking in this point of view because I want to really get into the character and believe what he believes, but all I keep thinking about are the hundred of possibilities of mental disorders or illnesses that he could be dealing with on a daily basis that no one has been able to diagnose him with. Hopefully, as I continue to read further into the book, I’ll be able to realize what I’m doing and try to look deeper into Tuhami’s situation without thinking it could be a psychological disorder.

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