Tuhami and Wazana

The differences between Tuhami and Wazana. What completely different experiences with Jnun wives. Tuhami was a man who was controlled by his connection with Lala Aisha, he was not part of the hamdiusha and was under her control. It could even be speculated her control over him was an excuse for other short comings. He was easily associated with femininity and weakness. Wazana was much the opposite, he drew power from marrying a jnun. Gaining knowledge of the other side. He also chose not to associate with the hamdush which may be the two men’s one similarity besides their wives. Wazana had children through his wife. I think the fact that Wazana’s wife is an unnamed jnun may be significant. Aisha seems to demonstrate a certain profile of a jnun. It is hard to understand how a jnun wife has such different effects on these two men. It appears that they have such different paths and their different beginnings led to different developments. Wazana was born into a family of saints and Tuhami was pushed into a world of women. Both married Jnun yet their lives were completely different.

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