Internships, similar to most things in life, have a beginning and an end. Rewinding to the middle of May would take me back to the start, in which I nervously loitered in an Apple Store a block away from my internship site; fast-forwarding to a week ago would take me to the end, in which I handed in my access key before saying my goodbyes to employees and interns alike. It’s amazing how much progress can be made over the course of a mere few months.

When I started this internship, I had no idea what to expect, and was somewhat terrified by the notion of reporting to one location for the entire summer. What if I wasn’t a good intern? What if I messed up? What if I didn’t like the internship site and the people who worked there? Even worse — what if the internship site employees didn’t like me? These concerns are ones that anyone starting a new position encounters and, throughout the course of my time spent as a development intern, I began to concern myself with them less and less. While the opinions of my superiors and colleagues certainly mattered, I arrived at the conclusion that if I was respectful, stuck to my word, and tried my hardest, then I would be giving the internship my all and consequently doing my very best. For obvious reasons it’s difficult to evaluate myself, but if I were to step back objectively then I think I did a largely good job with embodying all of my goals. I did the tasks I was assigned to with the best of my ability and in the process made connections — both with employees and interns — that will help me going forward. Additionally, the knowledge that I gained about the industry is invaluable, and I’m immensely grateful for the exposure I was fortunate enough to have.

All in all, I had an amazing summer. Dickinson College’s Career Center allowed me the opportunity to apply to this amazing internship and without them, I wouldn’t have been exposed to the production side of the film industry at all. The internship grant I was awarded with was also incredible, as it allowed me to intern without worrying about the cost of transportation every day (because I was traveling from Connecticut to NYC). Being productive this summer was an amazing feeling and as I prepare myself to enter the next school year, I know that I’ll be able to apply the skills I have learned back to the academic year, and return to classes feeling extremely well-practiced.

Writing this blog has been an amazing way to reflect, so I’ll definitely miss it! If you’ve been reading it, thank you immensely for your time and maybe I’ll keep you updated again next summer.


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